[Python-Dev] Re: Patch to distutils.msvccompiler, 2.3 branch

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Nov 27 21:09:33 EST 2003

"Thomas Heller" <theller at python.net> wrote in message
news:brqx615o.fsf at python.net...
> Several people on this list (IIRC Jim, Guido, Jeremy) have been
> by the problem that distutils couldn't build extensions with MSVC6,
> complaining that the compiler isn't installed although in fact it
> installed.

In my view, distutils is correct.  VC6 has been loaded but
installation is not finished.

> The problem always seemed to be that MSVC6 only writes the complete
> registry entries which distutils requires after the GUI has been run
> least one time.

I have seen other programs (some games, in particular, that I
remembert) do this sort of thing -- do final installation phase on
first execution.  Sometimes there is a menu option to repeat this
phase without reloading.

> Not installed:

I would call this 'Not loaded'

>   error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and
>   extensions need to be built with the same version of the compiler,
>   it isn't installed.
> Installed, but the GUI has never been run:

and this 'Loaded, but installation incomplete'

> Installed, and GUI has been run: the extension should build

and this 'Fully installed'

Terry J. Reedy

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