[Python-Dev] Use of Python Versions

Neal Norwitz neal at metaslash.com
Sun Nov 30 11:02:31 EST 2003

I conducted an experiment to try to find out what versions of Python
people use.  In the last release of pychecker, I asked people to take
a survey (http://metaslash.com/pyversion.html).  While not scientific,
it provides some info.

There were 186 responses, with 2 apparent duplicates.  Nobody used
only one version of Python with that version being 2.1 or below.  
110 people only use a single version of python with 10 using 2.2 only, 
108 using 2.3 only, and 2 using 2.4 only.

Here are the total number of responses by version:
        1.5       5, all 5 also use 2.3
        2.0       3
        2.1      13
        2.2      72
        2.3     172
        2.4      23

The raw responses are here:  http://metaslash.com/pyver.txt


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