[Python-Dev] Re: RELEASED Python 2.3.1

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Wed Oct 1 14:56:03 EDT 2003

Michael Hudson writes:
 > One thing that puzzled me: Doc/Makefile seems to require that
 > Doc/tools is on $PATH, unless I'm misunderstanding something.

It definately doesn't require that; I've never used Doc/tools/ on
$PATH.  One thing it was requiring (only recently) was that there was
a mkhowto symlink somewhere on the $PATH that pointed to the mkhowto

I've removed that constraint for the trunk.

The intention is that we should be able to use a mkhowto script from a
different checkout; you can still modify the MKHOWTO make variable to
do that, but it's not so valuable on the trunk as on the maintenance
branches (where we want to use mkhowto from the trunk).


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