[Python-Dev] Re: spambayes-checkins -> spambayes-dev, python-checkins -> python-dev

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Tue Oct 7 21:47:16 EDT 2003

On 07 October 2003, Skip Montanaro said:
>     Greg> On 06 October 2003, Skip Montanaro said:
>     >> Maybe the Reply-To: for spambayes-checkins should be spambayes-dev
>     >> (and similarly for python-checkins/python-dev).  Can that be
>     >> engineered through Mailman?
>     Greg> Yes -- it's on the "General Options" page.  Look for
>     Greg> reply_goes_to_list.
> After seeing your answer I know I asked the wrong question. <wink> I
> shouldn't have said "Reply-To:".  In X?Emacs/VM, I just hit the 'f' key to
> reply to you and to cc spambayes-dev.  Had this been a spambayes-checkins
> message, it would have been nice if the cc went to spambayes-dev instead of
> spambayes-checkin.

I *think* what you want is a Mailman feature to set the Mail-Followup-To
header.  Not sure if such a feature exists.

> [OT PS] cthulhu.gerg.ca?  Is that some sort of pronounceable-only-by-Native-
> Canadians name?

Shhh!!!  Don't want spammers to guess that my secret email address is
"${my_first_name}@${my_personal_domain}".  (Tee-hee-hee, using
shell/Perl syntax on python-dev should cause some consternation.)

Actually, Cthulhu is an ancient eldritch entity lurking in the depths
beneath the Pacific Ocean, waiting to be awakened for the day when he
shall DEVOUR ALL HUMANITY!!  Good summaries here:

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