[Python-Dev] Patches & Bug help revisited

Michael Bartl zeddicus at satokar.com
Fri Oct 10 07:37:21 EDT 2003


I found myself mentioned in the summary so I thought I'd drop a line
again. After my inital offer to help I started with reviewing and
writing (very simple) patches. To be more explicit: patch 813200,
patch 810914, bug 810408, 811082, (can't remember the rest from
memory, can provide a better list later). 

I was quite wondering that no-one seemed to have a look at the patches,
but thought that this might be due to the pressing 2.3.2 release.

I find patch writing rather unsatisfying if they aren't applied (or
rejected <wink> :)

btw: Is there any possibility to search through the bugs/patches. I
couldn't find it and see the sf.net capabilities as rather limited.

Have fun,

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