[Python-Dev] Python-2.3.2 windows binary screwed

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Oct 15 21:41:14 EDT 2003

[Thomas Heller]
> Before I'd like some questions to be answered, probably Martin or Tim
> have an opinion here (but others are also invited).
> First, I hope that it's ok to build the installer with the VC6 SP5
> dlls.

I have in the past <wink>.  It's OK by me.  The Wise script should already
be refusing to replace newer versions of these DLLs.

> The other possibility that comes to mind is to not include
> *any* MS runtime dlls, and provide the MS package VCREDIST.EXE
> separately.

Martin pointed out correctly that Win95 didn't ship with these things, so
it's safest to keep shipping them until Python moves to VC7 (at which point
I don't think we can pretend to support Win9x anymore).

> Second, what about the filename / version number / build number?

The build number should definitely change.  When someone sends a snippet
from an interactive prompt with an incomprehensible error report, the build
number they're unwittingly tricked into including is the best clue about
what they're really running.  The version number shouldn't change.

> IMO one should be able to distinguish the new installer from the old
> one. The easiest thing would be to just change the filename into maybe
> Python-


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