[Python-Dev] Python-2.3.2 windows binary screwed

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Oct 16 02:51:14 EDT 2003

"Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:

> [Thomas Heller]
>> Before I'd like some questions to be answered, probably Martin or Tim
>> have an opinion here (but others are also invited).
>> First, I hope that it's ok to build the installer with the VC6 SP5
>> dlls.
> I have in the past <wink>.  It's OK by me.  The Wise script should already
> be refusing to replace newer versions of these DLLs.
>> The other possibility that comes to mind is to not include
>> *any* MS runtime dlls, and provide the MS package VCREDIST.EXE
>> separately.
> Martin pointed out correctly that Win95 didn't ship with these things, so
> it's safest to keep shipping them until Python moves to VC7 (at which point
> I don't think we can pretend to support Win9x anymore).
>> Second, what about the filename / version number / build number?
> The build number should definitely change.  When someone sends a snippet
> from an interactive prompt with an incomprehensible error report, the build
> number they're unwittingly tricked into including is the best clue about
> what they're really running.  The version number shouldn't change.

Too late.  Anthony already published on creosote what I sent him.  With
the exception of the MS dlls, the installer contains and installs the
exactly identical files as Python-2.3.2.exe, and this includes the build
number since I did not rebuild Python itself.

>> IMO one should be able to distinguish the new installer from the old
>> one. The easiest thing would be to just change the filename into maybe
>> Python-
> +1.

Python-2.3.2-1.exe is it now.


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