[Python-Dev] Re: buildin vs. shared modules

Paolo Invernizzi paoloinvernizzi at dmsware.com
Fri Oct 17 07:03:00 EDT 2003

Moore, Paul wrote:

> Maybe only the DLLs which are necessary for Python to start should
> be built in (eg, zlib for zipfile support, _sre seems impossible to
> avoid, others I don't know - _winreg?)

_winreg is only 36k and the most valuable use I think is that is used by 
distutils for searching VC compiler, but I think it can stay out...

But I agree for zlib and _sre.
With only the core DLL and a zip of necessary modules (os module stuff 
and so) you can start a minimal python and import whatever other zip of 
modules you need...

Python DLL is actually 933k zlib is 61k and _sre is 57k.. so will be 
around 1050k...

Paolo Invernizzi

> But as I said, I see no arguments which aren't weak, so why change?
> Paul

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