[Python-Dev] Python-2.3.2 windows binary screwed

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Oct 17 16:16:24 EDT 2003

[Thomas Heller]
> ...
> The problem in this case was not the installer doing things wrong, the
> fault was alone on my side: I did use the dlls from my WinXP system
> directory, and the installer correctly used them to replace the
> versions on the target computers. If this was a win2k system, the
> file protection reverted this change, and the users were lucky again
> (except they had an entry in the event log). Unfortunately win98 and
> NT4 users were not so happy, for them it broke the system.

For some of them, and probably a small minority (else we would have been
deluged with bug reports about this, not just gotten a handful).  For
example, there were no problems after installing 2.3.2 on two different
Win98SE boxes I use.  I *did* note at the time I was surprised installation
asked me to reboot (which is a sure sign that Wise detected it needed to
replace an in-use DLL), but I forgot to panic about it.

Under the theory that the boxes where this broke are the same ones
contributing to worm spew exploiting MS bugs that were fixed a year ago, you
were doing the world a favor by calling their owners' attention to how out
of date they were <wink>.

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