[Python-Dev] Re: prePEP: Money data type

Mike Rovner mike at nospam.com
Fri Oct 17 19:01:45 EDT 2003

Batista, Facundo wrote:
> #- Good, but the name seems ambiguous -- I would expect 'money'
> #- to include
> #- a *currency unit*, while these are just numbers.  E.g.,
> #- these days for me a
> #- "money amount" of "1000" isn't immediately significant --
> #- does it mean "old
> #- liras", Euros, SEK, ...?  If a clearer name (perhaps
> #- Decimal?) was adopted,
> #- the type's purposes would be also clearer, perhaps.
> Specifically it doesn't diferenciate it. It is printed with a '$'
> prefix, but that's all.

>From the prePEP it's not clear (for me) the purpose of curencySymbol.
If it's intended for localisation, then prefix isn't enough,
some countries use suffix or even such format

Money(123.45, 2)  -->  123 FF 45 GG

where FF is suffix1 and GG is suffix2.


PS. If it's not appropriate to post such comments to c.l.p.dev, just tell

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