[Python-Dev] SRE recursion removed

Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) tdelaney at avaya.com
Sun Oct 19 19:40:57 EDT 2003

> From: Steve Holden [mailto:sholden at holdenweb.com]
> >
> Martin: I suspect that Gustavo is suffering for an excess of care and
> modesty: after all, with CVS controlling the code it isn't 
> hard to back
> out a patch if it turns out to be a bad idea. But it won't, will it,
> Gustavo ;-)?

Perhaps a comment that the patch won't be accepted until the dead code has been removed, but that the dead code is there for ease of regression testing during the initial testing period?

Essentially, this is an alpha-level patch. When the dead code is removed it becomes a beta-level patch.

Tim Delaney

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