[Python-Dev] Time for py3k@python.org or a Py3K Wiki?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Oct 22 09:09:48 EDT 2003

These various discussions are moving along a bit too rapidly for me to keep
up.  We have been discussing language issues which are going to impact
Python 3.0, either by deprecating current language constructs which can't be
eliminated until then (e.g., the global statement) or by tossing around
language construct ideas which will have to wait until then for their
implementation (other mechanisms for variable access in outer scopes).
Unfortunately, I'm afraid these things are going to get lost in the sea of
other python-dev topics and be forgotten about then the time is ripe.

Maybe this would be a good time to create a py3k at python.org mailing list
with more restrictions than python-dev (posting by members only?  membership
by invitation?) so we can more easily separate these ideas from shorter term
issues and keep track of them in a separate Mailman archive.  I'd suggest
starting a Wiki, but that seems a bit too "global".  You can restrict Wiki
mods in MoinMoin to users who are logged in, but I'm not sure you can
restrict signups very well.

I also think Guido wants to make a significant leap on his own at Python
3.0, but that is going to require a considerable amount of uninteruppted
full-time available for that effort.  Given that my 21-year old only
recently fled the nest and my 20-year old keeps returning, I'd say Guido's
going to have to wait for quite awhile for the "uninterrupted" qualifier to
become unconditionally true. ;-) In the meantime, a mailing list archive or
Wiki would provide a good place to keep notes which he could refer to.


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