[Python-Dev] Re: buildin vs. shared modules

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Oct 22 14:38:18 EDT 2003

Guido van Rossum <guido at python.org> writes:

>> The whole delayload/__try/__except stuff may be unneeded in 2.4, because
>> it will most probably be compiled with MSVC7.1, installed via an msi
>> installer,
> Is anyone working on that?  I have the VC7.1 compiler too, but haven't
> tried to use it yet.  Maybe someone should check in a project
> (separate from the VC6 project, so people don't *have to* switch yet)?

No, nobdoy is working on that AFAIK.
VC7 can convert VC6 workspace and project files into its own format,
but there is no way back.  You cannot use VC7 files (they are called
solution instead of workspace) in VC6 anymore.  MvL suggested to convert
the files once and then deprecate using the VC6 workspace.

> Are the tools needed to build an MSI installer included in VC7.1?  If
> not, are they a free download?

Yes, there are tools included.  A college of mine tried to use them, and
we quickly switched to Wise for Windows Installer (this is not the same
as the Wise version used in Python 2.3) which does also create msi
files.  But this also has its own range of problems.

MvL again has the idea to create the msi (which is basically a database)
programmatically with Python - either via COM, a custom Python extension
or maybe ctypes.


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