[Python-Dev] Re: listcomps vs. for loops

Sean Legassick sean at datamage.net
Wed Oct 22 22:54:32 EDT 2003

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"Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy)"
>Note the winking smiley above :) Although I do find the scope limiting in:
>    for (int i=0; i < 10; ++i)
>    {
>    }
>to be a nice feature of C++ (good god - did I just say that?) and hate 
>that the implementation in MSVC is broken and the control variable 

Me too, but then that's because it's so much more maintainable to be 
able to repeat such for loops ad nauseum using the same loop var name 
without removing the 'int' type declarator. And happily that's not an 
issue in Python.

(Hmmm, jumping out of lurk mode with a comment concerning C++. Apologies 
for the bad form but I am somewhat of a Python newbie, albeit an 
increasingly addicted one).


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