[Python-Dev] Re: buildin vs. shared modules

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Thu Oct 23 02:49:37 EDT 2003

> > VC7 can convert VC6 workspace and project files into its own format,
> > but there is no way back.  You cannot use VC7 files (they are called
> > solution instead of workspace) in VC6 anymore.  MvL suggested to convert
> > the files once and then deprecate using the VC6 workspace.
> Indeed: Conversion works fairly well, but we (as python-devers) should
> agree on using a single compiler - otherwise, conflicting changes will
> occur. So I propose to actually move the VC6 project files elsewhere;
> anybody who wants to continue to use them would need to copy them back.
> I could implement that very quickly; I just need agreement that we
> should do so. We would also need agreement on whether to use VC7
> (Studio .NET) or VC 7.1 (Studio .NET 2003); I propose to use the
> latter.

Right.  Microsoft donated 10 copies of VC7.1 to various key Python
developers (including me, Tim Peters and Jeremy Hylton).

> > MvL again has the idea to create the msi (which is basically a database)
> > programmatically with Python - either via COM, a custom Python extension
> > or maybe ctypes.
> I haven't made much progress with that, though. Initially I plan to
> use the MSI COM interface, and I'm fairly certain that this can be
> done, but it also takes some effort.
> On the plus side, anybody could then do the packaging - you would only
> need PythonWin installed. That requirement could be dropped by using
> the C API to installer. To build necessary extension module, you would
> need to have the Installer SDK installed (which comes with the
> platform SDK); I haven't checked whether VC 7.1 ships with the
> necessary libraries (in which case there would be no additional
> prerequisites).

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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