[Python-Dev] PEP 289: Generator Expressions

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Thu Oct 23 10:58:02 EDT 2003

> I've checked in an update to Raymond's PEP 289 which (I hope)
> clarifies a lot of things, and settles the capturing of free
> variables.

Nice edits.

I'm unclear on the meaning of the last line in detail #3, "(Loop
variables may also use constructs like x[i] or x.a; this form may be

Does this mean that "(x.a for x in mylist)" will initiatly be valid but
will someday break?  If so, I can't imagine why.  Or does in mean that
the induction variable can be in that form, "(x for x.a in mylist)".
Surely, this would never be allowed.

> Raymond, please take this to c.l.py for feedback!  Wear asbestos. :-)

Will do.

Raymond Hettinger

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