[Python-Dev] closure semantics

Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) tdelaney at avaya.com
Sun Oct 26 22:31:12 EST 2003

> From: Greg Ewing [mailto:greg at cosc.canterbury.ac.nz]
> > Is that compatible with current use?  I think the current 
> semantics are that
> > global <name> always binds name to an object with that name 
> at module scope.
> No, it's not quite compatible, but I don't think
> it's likely to break anything much in practice.

I'm almost 100% sure that it will. People tend to use the same short variable names for things, and nested functions had *better* be related ...

We could not use an unadorned 'global' for such a change in semantics. It would require a new keyword.

Tim Delaney

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