[Python-Dev] Decimal.py in sandbox

Kevin Jacobs jacobs at penguin.theopalgroup.com
Tue Oct 28 14:18:16 EST 2003

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Batista, Facundo wrote:
> Aahz wrote:
> #- The first thing you should do is talk with Eric Price
> #- (eprice at tjhsst.edu), author of the code.  You don't need to 
> #- use SF for
> #- now; CVS should be fine, but you should find out whether 
> #- Eric would like
> #- to approve changes first.
> Eric Price wrote:
> #- Not really-- since school started, I haven't had much time 
> #- to spare.  
> #- I'll probably look over the changes at some time, but I 
> #- wouldn't want to 
> #- keep them waiting.
> So, to who may I send the changes?
> Should I send the whole staff at the end of the work, or keep feeding small
> changes?
> Should I send by email the diff results?

I'll be happy to review your changes, so long as the changesets are kept
fairly focused.  We can then feed them through one of the regular
committers.  Just e-mail them to me directly in unified format (-u) with a
simple explanation of what is being accomplished.


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