[Python-Dev] Looking for master thesis ideas involving Python

Holger Krekel pyth at devel.trillke.net
Wed Oct 29 02:59:18 EST 2003

Hi Brett,

Brett C. wrote:
> Today I got the wheels turning on my masters thesis by getting an 
> adviser.  Now I just need a topic.  =)  The big goal is to do something 
> involving Python for a thesis to be finished by fall of next year (about 
> October) so as to have it done, hopefully published (getting into LL4 
> would be cool), and ready to be used for doctoral applications come 
> January 2005.
> So, anyone have any ideas?  The best one that I can think of is optional 
> type-checking.  I am fairly open to ideas, though, in almost any area 
> involving language design.

Maybe you have heard of PyPy, a reimplementation of Python in Python. 
We are employing quite some innovative approaches to language design
and implementation and there are certainly a lot of open research
areas. See our OSCON 2003 paper


or two interesting chapters out of our European Union proposal


You are welcome to discuss stuff on e.g. the IRC channel #pypy
on freenode or on the mailing list


in order to find out, if you'd like to join us and/or do some
interesting thesis. 

have fun,


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