[Python-Dev] Looking for master thesis ideas involving Python

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Oct 30 02:51:19 EST 2003

Brett C. wrote:

>> Whether it is too large for a Masters thesis I don't know. Does a
>> Masters thesis require *success* in the stated goal? I've been
>> thinking about doing my own Masters in the not-too-distant future if
>> I can find the time ...
> Success as in what you set out to do was actually beneficial?  No, just 
> as long as something is learned.  Successful as actually finishing the 
> darn thing?  Yes.

He actually meant "success in the stated goal". I.e. if you go out to
implement free threading, would it be considered as a failure of the
Master's project if you come back and say: "I did not actually do that"?

My answer is "it depends": If you did not do that, and, for example,
explain why it *can't* be done, than this is a good thesis, provided you
give qualified scientific rationale for why it can't be done. If you
say you did not do it, but it could be done in this and that way if
you had 50 person years available, then this could be a good thesis
as well, provided the strategy you outline, and the rationale for
computing the 50 person years is convincing. If you just say, "Oops,
I did not finish it because it is too much work", then this would be
a bad thesis.


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