[Python-Dev] Looking for master thesis ideas involving Python

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Oct 30 06:18:35 EST 2003

"Brett C." <bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> Dennis Allison wrote:
>> Brett -- 
>> You might put together a list of all the ideas (maybe even a ranked
>> list)
>> and post it as a unit to the list for archival purposes.  Thanks.
> Way ahead of you, Dennis.  I have already started to come up with a
> reST doc for writing up all of these suggestions.  It just might be a
> little while before I get it up since I will need to do some
> preliminary research on each idea to measure the amount of work they
> will be.

Could go on the Python Wiki?

I take it from your posting of last week that you've thought about
other ways of implementing exception handling?  I guess a
non-reference count based GC is a prerequisite for that...


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