[Python-Dev] Documenting branch policy

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Sep 8 14:18:30 EDT 2003

 On Sun, 2003-09-07 at 12:19, Greg Ward wrote:

> <h5>Release branches</h5>
> <p>Every release up to and including the final release for a new major
> Python version is accompanied by a <em>release branches</em>.

There's even some debate about these (I've caught up with the thread, so
I know you've withdrawn this change).  I've been backing off the use of
release branches because they create more complexity in a world where
none of us have much time to deal with it.  For 2.3, python-dev was
really good about heeding calls for checkin freezes, and the time
between wanting to cut the release and actually doing it was pretty
short, so I don't see much need for release branches.  I updated PEP 101
to reflect this.


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