[Python-Dev] RE: [Zope-Coders] core dump in Zope 2.7 test suite

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Tue Sep 16 13:15:53 EDT 2003

[Jeremy Hylton]
> Okay.  I have a smaller test case, though I don't know what I couldn't
> find it earlier.  If you run "test.py DocumentTemplate UnicodeStr" by
> itself, you get the crash.

As before, nothing crashes here, but running that test does trigger the
debug-build-specific assert I added here (see last msg).  Good sleuthing!

> The DocumentTemplate implementation has C and Python implementations
> of some utilities.  It uses the C by default and falls back to Python
> if the C extension can't be imported.  If I change the code so that it
> always uses the Python implementation, the crash goes away.

I'm guessing


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