[Python-Dev] Improving the CGI module

Ping ping at zesty.ca
Wed Sep 17 20:21:59 EDT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Simon Willison wrote:
> I've recently started using Python for server side web development, and
> I've been running in to some limitations in the CGI module. [...]
> The module also provides very little in the way of support for
> common CGI related operations ...

I think that improvements to the CGI module would be wonderful,
and we could do a lot of useful things ranging from the most basic
(e.g. friendly access to the CGI environment variables) to more
sophisticated things (e.g. constructing URLs that submit forms).

(I have recently been forced to use PHP instead of Python for some
major projects and constantly feel the pain of using PHP -- in my
opinion, it is full of inconsistencies and workarounds, and really
has the feel of a language that was not carefully designed.  It
would be nice for Python to be more competitive with PHP in its
support for simple Web scripting.)

I would be interested in helping with the CGI module project.

-- ?!ng

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