[Python-Dev] Enhancement to pdb in gud.el

Nick Roberts nick at nick.uklinux.net
Sat Sep 20 17:33:56 EDT 2003

 > However, what is the fallback behavior when emacs with the new gud.el 
 > encounters a pdb.py that doesn't have the patch?  That is, will users of 
 > existing versions of python lose any functionality?

The messages from clear, enable and disable will be new, so the existing
behaviour will hold for existing versions of python. However, the message from
break (and tbreak) will not have changed, but the way gud.el acts on it will.
So, break will place a breakpoint icon that clear can't remove.

However, these changes will go on the main trunk of the CVS version of Emacs
which is unlikely to be released this year. Emacs development is relatively
slow and the last non-bugfix release was Sepember 2001 (21.1). How often are
new versions of Python released? Providing the next release of Python is
before that of Emacs, I dont think there's a problem.


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