[Python-Dev] latest bsddb3 test problems

Gregory P. Smith greg at electricrain.com
Mon Sep 22 03:50:32 EDT 2003

> I'm seeing this fail as well, on Redhat 9. Backing out Greg's changes over
> the weekend doesn't help... the tests still mark as "passed", even though
> there's the fairly horrible error/warnings. I'm guessing something that 
> raises an error in a non-main thread doesn't get picked up by regrtest.py
> test_bsddb3 is failing on pretty much every box I've tried it on here - 
> Solaris and Redhat linux, most running the latest-n-greatest release of
> DB4.1 (we use it pretty heavily in a variety of internal applications).
> Solaris 8 (DB 4.1.25. gcc 2.96):
>   DBAgainError: (11, 'Resource temporarily unavailable -- mmap: Resource temporarily unavailable')
> Solaris 7 (DB 4.1.25, gcc 2.95.2)
>   Crashes with a SIGBUS. The version of _bsddb.c from a week ago has a lot of
>   errors, but doesn't crash.

That's sounds like inconsistent behaviour.  Look at the diffs.  All of
the changes since the python 2.3 release to _bsddb.c have been trivial.
The _bsddb.c file version is not the culprit.

> Redhat 10beta/Rawhide (DB 4.1.25)
>   DBNoMemoryError: (12, 'Cannot allocate memory -- Lock table is out of available locks')
>   alternating with SIGBUS
> Redhat 7.1,7.2,7.3 (DB 3.2.9)
>   Crashes with a SIGBUS.
> I'm going to check with Spambayes as an actual application and see whether 
> the tests that are failing are at fault, or if we've got something that's
> just busted. Can anyone report the bsddb3 tests as passing on their system?
> Note that they're not run by default.

It is passing on the systems that i've tested it on in the past few days:
(Using BerkeleyDB 4.0, 4.1 and a prerelease of 4.2).

  Linux/i686 Gentoo 1.4
  Linux/alpha Debian "testing"

I do see the occasional DBDeadLockError which can be ignored.  (Yes,
I agree, the test suite needs work to get rid of things like that.
if its not going to consider it an error it should at least catch with
a comment stating why to avoid the confusion)

NOTE:  A weakness of the bsddb tests that I have witnessed causing problems:

It often doesn't wipe its temporary directory before the tests (in theory
it should clean up on shutdown, but thats only if all goes well in the
tearDown methods).  If a previous run was aborted abnormally and left
a database environment & db around it can cause problems during future
test runs if the testsuite trys to use that environment and db.

> I'm at a loss as to whether to delay the release or not... 
> Anthony

Do the same tests fail similarly when run on python 2.3?  I'd imagine so.
IMHO, I wouldn't hold python 2.3.1 up due to bsddb test suite issues.


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