[Python-Dev] Re: RELEASED Python 2.3.1

Charles Cazabon python at discworld.dyndns.org
Fri Sep 26 12:38:46 EDT 2003

Jason R. Mastaler <jason at mastaler.com> wrote:
> Thomas Heller <theller at python.net> writes:
> >> It certainly seems reasonable to me to release 2.3.2 fairly quickly.
> >
> > But not earlier than at least one week after 2.3.2rc1 ;-)
> Well, if you're going to wait that long, I think you might consider
> adding some sort of warning to the 2.3.1 download area.  My fear is
> that some large OS vendor (e.g, Redhat) will pick up 2.3.1 for a
> future release.

Too late: 2.3.1 is in at least some versions of Debian already -- I'm getting
reports on the os.fsync() issue already from my users (it breaks getmail).
Could 2.3.1 be revoked or replaced ASAP? "2.3.1b" or similar with only this
change would suit me.

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