[Python-Dev] PC/python_nt.rc

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Sat Sep 27 16:40:28 EDT 2003

The file PC/python_nt.rc defines the version information which will be
embedded as resource in pythonXX.dll.

Because of limitations in MS resource compiler, the info cannot be
constructed from patchlevel.h at compile time, instead it must be
changed manually. There is a python script PC/field3.py which helps, but
it cannot be used by the build process because python is then not

I'm working on a way to automate this:

A new project is inserted into the MSVC project file, and the pythoncore
project (which builds the python dll) will depend on it, so this new
project is built first.

This new project builds a small exe which will create (as custom build
step) an include file for python_nt.rc, so no manual step is needed any

Does this sound like a sensible approach, or are there any objections?


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