[Python-Dev] PEP 318 -- a couple use cases

Edward Loper edloper at gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 1 14:57:09 EST 2004

> I'm wavering between 2 (perfectly acceptable) and 3 (somewhat
> hackish), only because I consider anything that uses sys._getframe()
> to be a danger to society unless proven innocent.

Would these be preferable:?

     class C(object):
         def x(self): return self.__x

         def x(self, val): self.__x = val

         def x(self): del self.__x
     [generic(None, (int,int))]
     def f(x,y): print 'two ints'

     [generic(f, (float,float))]
     def f(x,y): print 'two floats'

I.e., explicitly pass the old value in, rather than grabbing it from 

   - no sys._getframe magic
   - you have to type the property/function name twice
   - you have to do something special for the first def
   - you can't easily rearrange the defs


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