[Python-Dev] Python is faster than C

Greg Ewing greg at cosc.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Apr 5 22:55:54 EDT 2004

> If nothing else pure python versions of modules:
> 	(a) serve as great documentation
> 	(b) are good for psyco
> 	(c) are good for PyPy
> 	(d) are good for Pyrex
> 	(e) are good for Starkiller
> 	(f) are good for Jython
> 	(g) are good for IronPython

I've just thought of another one:

        (h) are useful for platforms where there isn't a compiled
            C version available yet and it's too much hassle to
            compile it yourself

a case I ran into the other day when I wanted to use the csv
module from 2.3 with a 2.2 installation on Windows (don't
ask why). I ended up writing my own Python version of a part
of it.

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