[Python-Dev] Python Interest Group

Bill Venners bv at artima.com
Tue Apr 6 16:14:18 EDT 2004

Hello All,

I am the editor of Artima.com. Guido and others suggested that I send 
this query to python-dev.

I am about to release a new feature on Artima called Interest Groups, 
and I am looking for a few people who would like to moderate a Python 
Interest Group. I am wondering if any of you might like to serve as a 
moderator, or could recommend others from the Python community who 
might want to act as moderators. Here is the low down on Interest 

Artima Interest Groups is a free service that allows communities to 
keep informed and discuss issues. Each interest group is essentially a 
news feed that serves a specific community. The news feed is moderated 
by one or more volunteers from the community. Anyone can submit news 
items for consideration. The moderators check the accuracy of the 
submissions, and decide which news items to approve. Approved items 
appear on web pages at Artima.com, and in two Artima RSS feeds. Each 
approved item can be discussed by the community in its own Artima 
Forums topic.

Basically, the moderators would get a short email notification when 
someone submits an item, then they can edit, approve, or reject the 
item via the web. It is like having a little theserverside.com or 
slashdot.org for your community. Another way you might think of it is 
as a web version of python-announce, except that only the topics are 
moderated. Any discussion that follows each topic is a free-for-all. 
One benefit of having an Interest Group at Artima is that people 
outside the Python community proper will also be exposed to the Python 
community's news.

If anyone is interested, or has a recommendation of someone I can 
approach about moderating a Python Interest Group, please email me.


Bill Venners
Artima Software, Inc.

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