[Python-Dev] pyc/embedded c++ efficiency wrt binary data

Patrick Stinson ajole-1 at gci.net
Sun Apr 11 17:59:14 EDT 2004

I'm using pyuic, a tool that comes as part of pyqt, that reads images and 
creates a python file with the data embedded in it for easy loading. This is 
based on a similar tool called qembed that embeds image data in C++ header 
Well, I have found that upon loading the py (9.2MB) file, it takes quite a 
while, but a pyc file is created, and is approx. 1/4 the size. This gives me 
the indication that the binary encoding is quite good, and importing the pyc 
file will takes considerably less time. Does anyone have any idea how the 
binary encoding of pyc files is compared to something like this done in C++? 
Of course, I'm not asking about the ultimate efficiency including processing 
the binary data as pixmaps, but just the loading from disk bit.


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