[Python-Dev] Decimal data type issues

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Thu Apr 15 10:53:15 EDT 2004


#- Correction for precision: all Decimal operations in a thread use the
#- same context until the context is changed.  Threads inherit 
#- context from
#- their starting thread (I think).

I'm lost. Help me with an example (that later I'll shamelessly stole to use
in a test case):

   d1 = Decimal('123')
   d2 = Decimal('456')

So, long, they have the same context, right?

   getcontext().prec = 46

The precision should change for both d1 and d2, right?

   d3 = Decimal('789')

d3 also has the precision in 46, right?

Thank you!

.	Facundo

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