[Python-Dev] Inno Setup script for Python debug runtime

Tim Delaney tcdelaney at optusnet.com.au
Thu Apr 15 18:07:19 EDT 2004

Thomas Heller wrote:

> Most probably I was too short in describing what I want, and what this
> script is and does, I also got a personal email asking for more, so
> I'll try again:
> Inno Setup is a free tool of superb quality to create executable
> windows installers.  See http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php

I've found NSIS to be a much better choice for Windows installers. Produces
very small installers (adds about 30-40K overhead, can use LZMA), has
multiple language support, and are simple to write.


I keep intending to write an installer for Python in it - maybe next week
(I'm on leave at the moment, but I've got the niece (6) and nephew (5)
visiting all this week). I've been gradually moving all our installers at
work away from WISE and into NSIS.

Tim Delaney

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