[Python-Dev] Possible modules that could use docs

Neal Norwitz neal at metaslash.com
Mon Apr 19 12:01:49 EDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 11:47:08AM -0400, Nick Bastin wrote:
> On Apr 19, 2004, at 11:42 AM, Neal Norwitz wrote:
> >On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 11:36:51AM -0400, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> >>
> >>puremodule.c could probably be deprecated.  Does anybody use Purify
> >>anymore -- and if so, have you ever used puremodule?  Does it still
> >>compile?  Are the APIs it uses still up-to-date?
> >
> >Although I did use Purify on python years ago, I never use it now.
> >Though, I never used the puremodule.  IMO, Purify is not useful
> >compared to valgrind.  +1 on deprecating puremodule.c.
> I think it's useful to point out that Purify runs on a lot more 
> platforms than valgrind does, so we should probably keep puremodule 
> around, and update it if necessary.

Valgrind runs on x86 and PPC (still experimental).
IIRC, Purify "runs" on Solaris, HPUX, Windows (x86), and SGI?
(I tried to verify but the IBM site isn't responding.)
IMO that's not a lot.

Where Purify "running" is relative to any particular patch you have
installed on the system and if you can download a beta.  I stopped using
Purify because Rational was so awful to deal with.


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