[Python-Dev] Re: No-cost optimizing VC 7.1

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Tue Apr 20 08:49:20 EDT 2004

>> In any case, the only possible change out of this discussion
>> is that Python 2.4 would be built with VC6. I personally know
>> a few people which have VC.NET 2003, but not VC6, because you
>> cannot purchase the latter one, anymore. So, standardizing
>> on .NET 2003 is a good thing: it means that .NET (2002) gets
> Yes, if VC6 cannot be purchased then it would be too backwards-looking for 
> Python 2.4 to require it from extension-authors.

It may be that it's no longer possible to buy MSVC6 separately, but it
is still on the MSDN professional DVD set (even 1.5.2, the 16-bit


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