[Python-Dev] Re: Decimal data type issues

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Wed Apr 21 09:09:54 EDT 2004

[Paul Moore]

#- (Although I would say that the documentation in the PEP is currently
#- very lacking in its coverage of how to use the type - I found the
#- round() method after a lot of experimentation. Before the Decimal
#- module is ready for prime time, it needs some serious documentation
#- effort).

This is my fault, maybe:

  - Methods like round() don't need to be discussed: the Spec defines how
them work, and the PEP is for implementing the PEP.

  - The PEP encourages to read the Spec, and round() is detailed in the

  - Both code and documentation will be provided when the PEP requests to be

Because of these three reasons, there's a lack of definitions yet.

Of course, all of that will be perfectly documented (I'll do my best) when
the PEP champions to Final.

.	Facundo

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