[Python-Dev] Re: Decimal data type issues

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Apr 21 13:03:56 EDT 2004

[Batista, Facundo]
> ...
>   - Methods like round() don't need to be discussed: the Spec defines
> how them work, and the PEP is for implementing the PEP.

Actually, there is no round() operation in the spec.  I don't remember
whether there used to be, but there definitely isn't now.  Doesn't mean we
can't supply .round(), does mean we have to spell out what it does.  I
assume decimal.round(whatever) acts the same as the spec's decimal.plus()
would act if "whatever" were temporarily (for the duration of plus()) folded
into context.  If so, that's all it needs to say.

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