[Python-Dev] PEP 289 - Generator Expressions - Let's Move Forward

Michael Chermside mcherm at mcherm.com
Fri Apr 23 15:02:49 EDT 2004

> I'd like to get generator expressions checked into CVS.
> Regarding the early-or-late binding issue, here's what I'd like to see
> happen: I'd like the late-binding (i.e. non-capture) version checked
> in and released with Python 2.4a1 and a2.  If we find there are real
> problems with these semantics, we can switch to early-binding
> semantics in 2.4b1

Sounds like a good plan, but I have one question: Given the extent to
which alpha releases are tested (and subtracting out those who use
them only to check old code for compatibility and don't try out the
new features) are we going to be able to tell if there are problems
with the semantics?

My best idea is that those who currently favor the early-binding
approach (and I'm sure you've heard from plenty of them) should be
encouraged to try it out in the alpha and report any issues, along
with actual use cases. Someone collects these responses, then you
(Guido) look over the results (with a grain of salt since it's
mostly being tested by folks who object) and decide if it's a

Will that work? Anyone have a better idea? How do we go about asking
people to try it out (is a mention by Guido on comp.lang.python

-- Michael Chermside

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