[Python-Dev] Re: generator expressions

Peter Harris scav at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Apr 24 10:58:14 EDT 2004

Michael Chermside wrote:

>How do we go about asking
>people to try it out (is a mention by Guido on comp.lang.python
>-- Michael Chermside
I'll play with generator expressions gladly. I have been using list 
comprehensions like mad, even in cases where I suspect a generator would 
be better. Also, I have a few uses of generators that might look clearer 
as generator expressions. So I'd be more than happy to make a test 
version of my current projects using generator expressions, just to see 
when they can make the code clearer, and whether there is anything about 
the semantics that trips me up too easily.

I don't think my data sets are going to be big enough to test 
performance, just usability.

Now, if someone checks in the implementation of PEP309 too <hint>, I 
would be as happy as a biscuit...

Peter Harris

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