[Python-Dev] today's pointless, yet slightly terrifying, factoid(s)

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Apr 26 11:59:37 EDT 2004

I received some email about some _very_ old pages (no longer existing)
I put up about Python's internals. In 1996. This made me stop and
think 'bloody hell, how long _have_ I been doing this?'
cvs ann Misc/ACKS is slightly terrifying, saying at least 1994.

A teeny tiny sort script later, and this list follows. Note that it's
obviously not representative of anything at all, but may serve to
terrify others, as it terrified me, as to the sheer amount of their
life that they've wasted on Python <wink>

disclaimer: absolutely representative of nothing at all, not to be
taken internally, if pain persists see a doctor


1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Mark Anacker
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Jan-Hein B"uhrman
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Anthony Baxter
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Donald Beaudry
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Eric Beser
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Stephen Bevan
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Peter Bosch
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Terrence Brannon
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Erik de Bueger
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Dick Bulterman
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): David Chaum
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Jonathan Dasteel
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): John DeGood
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Roger Dev
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Stoffel Erasmus
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Niels Ferguson
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Michael Guravage
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Paul ten Hagen
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Lynda Hardman
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Ivan Herman
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Chris Hoffman
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Philip Homburg
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Jack Jansen
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Bill Janssen
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Drew Jenkins
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Lou Kates
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Robert van Liere
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Steve Majewski
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Lambert Meertens
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Steven Miale
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Doug Moen
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Sape Mullender
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Sjoerd Mullender
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): George Neville-Neil
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Randy Pausch
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Marcel van der Peijl
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Steven Pemberton
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Tim Peters
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): John Redford
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Timothy Roscoe
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Kevin Samborn
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Fred Sells
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Denis Severson
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Michael Shiplett
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Paul Sijben
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Dirk Soede
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Per Spilling
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Quentin Stafford-Fraser
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Tracy Tims
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Bennett Todd
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Jaap Vermeulen
1.1          (guido    26-Jan-94): Dik Winter
1.2          (guido    26-Jan-94): Amrit Prem
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Jurjen Bos
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Stefan Esser
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Rycharde Hawkes
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Steve Kirsch
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Mark Lutz
1.3          (guido    14-Apr-94): Jim Roskind
1.4          (guido    04-May-94): Adrian Phillips
1.5          (guido    04-May-94): Andy Bensky
1.6          (guido    23-May-94): Rickard Westman
1.7          (guido    14-Jul-94): Tommy Burnette
1.7          (guido    14-Jul-94): Simon Johnston
1.7          (guido    14-Jul-94): William Lewis
1.7          (guido    14-Jul-94): Richard Walker
1.8          (guido    05-Aug-94): Andrew Kuchling
1.8          (guido    05-Aug-94): John Tromp
1.9          (guido    30-Aug-94): Ulf Bartelt
1.10         (guido    14-Sep-94): Michael Scharf
1.11         (guido    06-Oct-94): Anne Lord
1.11         (guido    06-Oct-94): Skip Montanaro
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Eric Bouck
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Dave Brennan
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Mike Carlton
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): John Cugini
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Lance Ellinghaus
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Paul Everitt
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Robin Friedrich
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Jim Fulton
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Peter Funk
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Mark Hammond
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Barry Hantman
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Jim Lynch
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Ken Manheimer
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Roger Masse
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Michael McLay
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Jim St. Pierre
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Nick Seidenman
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): George Sipe
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Richard Stoakley
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Casper Stoel
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Frank Visser
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Barry Warsaw
1.12         (guido    10-Nov-94): Steve Waterbury
1.13         (guido    04-Jan-95): Matt Conway
1.13         (guido    04-Jan-95): Tom Culliton
1.13         (guido    04-Jan-95): Bob Watson
1.14         (guido    17-Jan-95): Dag Gruneau
1.14         (guido    17-Jan-95): Jun Hamano
1.14         (guido    17-Jan-95): Ken Howard
1.14         (guido    17-Jan-95): Eric Siegerman
1.14         (guido    17-Jan-95): R Lindsay Todd
1.15         (guido    14-Feb-95): Steve Clift
1.15         (guido    14-Feb-95): David Hobley
1.15         (guido    14-Feb-95): John Interrante
1.15         (guido    14-Feb-95): Bob Kras
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Stig Bakken
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Monty Brandenberg
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Eric Daniel
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Kevan Heydon
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Soren Larsen
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Steven Reiz
1.16         (guido    09-Mar-95): Ken Stox
1.17         (guido    07-Apr-95): Graham Matthews
1.18         (guido    28-Aug-95): David Ely
1.18         (guido    28-Aug-95): Gregor Schmid
1.19         (guido    11-Oct-95): Joel Shprentz
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Mitch Chapman
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Steve Cousins
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Hans de Graaff
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Rasmus Hahn
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Manus Hand
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Richard Jones
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Harri Pasanen
1.20         (guido    26-Jun-96): Masazumi Yoshikawa
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Jim Ahlstrom
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Oliver Andrich
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Ross Andrus
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): David Ascher
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Neal Becker
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Tom Christiansen
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Sebastian Fernandez
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Jim Hugunin
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Just van Rossum
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Amy Taylor
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): John Viega
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Aaron Watters
1.21         (guido    21-Jul-96): Siebren van der Zee
1.22         (guido    30-Jul-96): Bill Tutt
1.23         (guido    20-Aug-96): Vladimir Marangozov
1.24         (guido    08-Oct-96): Nils Fischbeck
1.24         (guido    08-Oct-96): Tim Hochberg
1.24         (guido    08-Oct-96): Terry Reedy
1.24         (guido    08-Oct-96): Ka-Ping Yee
1.25         (guido    09-May-97): Jyrki Alakuijala
1.25         (guido    09-May-97): Andy Eskilsson
1.25         (guido    09-May-97): Lele Gaifax
1.25         (guido    09-May-97): Jeremy Hylton
1.25         (guido    09-May-97): Per Lindqvist
1.26         (guido    19-Jul-97): Thierry Bousch
1.26         (guido    19-Jul-97): Thomas Gellekum
1.26         (guido    19-Jul-97): Konrad Hinsen
1.26         (guido    19-Jul-97): Fredrik Lundh
1.26         (guido    19-Jul-97): Neil Schemenauer
1.27         (guido    15-Aug-97): Lars Wirzenius
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): David Beazley
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Reimer Behrends
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Donn Cave
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Paul Dubois
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Tim Everett
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Brad Howes
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Bob Kahn
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Hannu Krosing
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Chris Lawrence
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Marc-Andre Lemburg
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Craig McPheeters
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Geoff Philbrick
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Case Roole
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Hugo van Rossum
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Saskia van Rossum
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Greg Stein
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Al Vezza
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Larry Wall
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Truida Wiedijk
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Sue Williams
1.28         (guido    07-Oct-97): Frank Willison
1.29         (guido    24-Nov-97): Matthias Klose
1.29         (guido    24-Nov-97): Bill Noon
1.29         (guido    24-Nov-97): Charles Waldman
1.30         (guido    26-Nov-97): Lee Busby
1.30         (guido    26-Nov-97): Ben Escoto
1.30         (guido    26-Nov-97): Jeff Rush
1.31         (guido    10-Dec-97): Anders Andersen
1.31         (guido    10-Dec-97): Raymund Galvin
1.31         (guido    10-Dec-97): Chris Herborth
1.32         (guido    11-Dec-97): Doug Marien
1.33         (guido    30-Dec-97): Roy Bixler
1.33         (guido    30-Dec-97): Drew Csillag
1.33         (guido    30-Dec-97): Joseph Koshy
1.33         (guido    30-Dec-97): Roman Milner
1.33         (guido    30-Dec-97): Piet van Oostrum
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Des Barry
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Paul Boddie
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Roger Burnham
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Jaromir Dolecek
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Hans Eckardt
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Rob Hooft
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Ben Jackson
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Tamito Kajiyama
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Magnus Kessler
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Ron Klatchko
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Piers Lauder
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Kip Lehman
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Christopher Lindblad
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Anthony Martin
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Bill van Melle
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): The Dragon De Monsyne
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Chad Netzer
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Oscar Nierstrasz
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Tim O'Malley
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Jason Orendorff
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Ty Sarna
1.34         (guido    09-Apr-98): Kurt Vile
1.35         (guido    10-Apr-98): Jeff Epler
1.36         (guido    13-Apr-98): Peter Haight
1.36         (guido    13-Apr-98): Gary Herron
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Dominic Binks
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Jesse Hallio
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Jonathan Hendry
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): John Jorgensen
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Ray Loyzaga
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Nigel O'Brian
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Eric Raymond
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Sean Reifschneider
1.37         (guido    30-Jun-98): Ben Sayer
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Ralph Butler
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Nicolas Chauvat
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Vadim Chugunov
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Carey Evans
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Dan Stromberg
1.38         (guido    04-Aug-98): Gerry Wiener
1.39         (guido    11-Aug-98): Jason Harper
1.40         (guido    02-Oct-98): Robin Dunn
1.40         (guido    02-Oct-98): Jonathan Giddy
1.40         (guido    02-Oct-98): Vladimir Kushnir
1.40         (guido    02-Oct-98): Richard Wolff
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Jeff Bauer
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Thomas Bellman
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Jochen Hayek
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Detlef Lannert
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Fredrik Nehr
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Chris Petrilli
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): RajGopal Srinivasan
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Greg Ward
1.41         (guido    21-Dec-98): Stefan Witzel
1.42         (guido    25-Jan-99): Greg Couch
1.42         (guido    25-Jan-99): Nathan Sullivan
1.42         (guido    25-Jan-99): Blake Winton
1.43         (guido    08-Feb-99): Uwe Zessin
1.44         (guido    16-Feb-99): Finn Bock
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Scott Cotton
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Toby Dickenson
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Larry Hastings
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Grzegorz Makarewicz
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Dieter Maurer
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Mike Meyer
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Rafal Smotrzyk
1.45         (guido    18-Feb-99): Jean-Claude Wippler
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Per Cederqvist
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Michael Ernst
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Tadayoshi Funaba
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Magnus L. Hetland
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Albert Hofkamp
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Jeffrey Honig
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Donald Wallace Rouse II
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Orjan Johansen
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Kim Knapp
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Nick Lockwood
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Stephanie Lockwood
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Takahiro Nakayama
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Christopher J. Phoenix
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Bernhard Reiter
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Jim Robinson
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Clay Spence
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Tobias Thelen
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Norman Vine
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Edward Welbourne
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Moshe Zadka
1.46         (guido    05-Apr-99): Milan Zamazal
1.47         (guido    10-Apr-99): Andrew Dalke
1.48         (guido    13-Apr-99): Jason Asbahr
1.48         (guido    13-Apr-99): Pablo Bleyer
1.48         (guido    13-Apr-99): Mark Favas
1.48         (guido    13-Apr-99): Pat Knight
1.48         (guido    13-Apr-99): Barry Scott
1.49         (guido    13-Apr-99): Andy Dustman
1.49         (guido    13-Apr-99): Cameron Laird
1.49         (guido    13-Apr-99): Michael P. Reilly
1.49         (guido    13-Apr-99): Mike Romberg
1.50         (jhylton  28-Mar-00): Greg Ewing
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Jeffrey Chang
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Albert Chin-A-Young
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Lars Damerow
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): John DuBois
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Ben Gertzfield
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Duncan Grisby
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Milton L. Hankins
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Greg Humphreys
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Eric Lindvall
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Loren Luke
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Mikael Lyngvig
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Dom Mitchell
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Ofir Reichenberg
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Jan Pieter Riegel
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Craig Rowland
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Nathan Paul Simons
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Paul Sokolovsky
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Laurence Tratt
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Kannan Vijayan
1.51         (guido    31-Mar-00): Klaus-Juergen Wolf
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Ron Bickers
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Gary S. Brown
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Martijn Faassen
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Fred Gansevles
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Barry Haddow
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Joerg-Cyril Hoehle
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Gerrit Holl
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Brian Hooper
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Randall Hopper
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Michael Hudson
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Lucas de Jonge
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Andreas Jung
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Nick Maclaren
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Andy Robinson
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Nick Russo
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Eric Tiedemann
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Christian Tismer
1.52         (guido    31-Mar-00): Greg V. Wilson
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Samuel L. Bayer
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Gary Duzan
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Eugene Dvurechenski
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Andreas Faerber
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Thomas Heller
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Bernhard Herzog
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Chih-Hao Huang
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Vivek Khera
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Mads Kiilerich
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Greg McFarlane
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Paul Prescod
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Sam Rushing
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): John W. Shipman
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Frank Stajano
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Peter Stoehr
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Christian Tanzer
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Jason Trowbridge
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Stephen Turner
1.53         (guido    31-Mar-00): Doug Wyatt
1.54         (guido    31-Mar-00): Bastian Kleineidam
1.54         (guido    31-Mar-00): Thomas Wouters
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Stephen D Evans
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Lars Marius Garshol
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Lance Finn Helsten
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Gregor Hoffleit
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Nadav Horesh
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Lawrence Kesteloot
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Lenny Kneler
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Greg Kochanski
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Hrvoje Niksic
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Nicholas Riley
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): David Scherer
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Bruce Sherwood
1.55         (guido    10-Apr-00): Kragen Sitaker
1.56         (guido    11-May-00): Caolan McNamara
1.56         (guido    11-May-00): Trent Mick
1.57         (gvanross 29-Jun-00): Oleg Broytmann
1.57         (gvanross 29-Jun-00): Kalle Svensson
1.58         (gward    29-Jun-00): Harry Henry Gebel
1.59         (bwarsaw  30-Aug-00): James Henstridge
1.60         (gvanross 02-Sep-00): Martin von L?wis
1.60         (gvanross 02-Sep-00): Hajime Saitou
1.61         (gvanross 04-Sep-00): Audun S. Runde
1.62         (tim_one  16-Sep-00): Brad Chapman
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Stefan Norberg
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Todd R. Palmer
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Neale Pickett
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Dan Pierson
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Fran?ois Pinard
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Dan Wolfe
1.63         (gvanross 25-Sep-00): Bob Yodlowski
1.64         (fdrake   02-Oct-00): Daniel Dittmar
1.65         (jhylton  09-Oct-00): Stan Bubrouski
1.67         (gvanross 09-Oct-00): Tony Lownds
1.68         (gvanross 09-Oct-00): Jean-Claude Rimbault
1.69         (gvanross 03-Jan-01): Daniel Calvelo
1.69         (gvanross 03-Jan-01): Mike Clarkson
1.70         (tim_one  14-Jan-01): Jeffery Collins
1.71         (tim_one  18-Jan-01): Paul Jackson
1.72         (akuchlin 19-Jan-01): Jason Tishler
1.73         (gvanross 23-Jan-01): Greg Ball
1.73         (gvanross 23-Jan-01): Bill Bumgarner
1.73         (gvanross 23-Jan-01): Doug Fort
1.73         (gvanross 23-Jan-01): Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
1.74         (tim_one  26-Jan-01): Ivan Frohne
1.74         (tim_one  26-Jan-01): Janne Sinkkonen
1.75         (tim_one  27-Jan-01): Dave Cole
1.76         (tim_one  28-Jan-01): Randall Kern
1.77         (jhylton  02-Feb-01): Grant Edwards
1.78         (jhylton  05-Feb-01): Nick Mathewson
1.79         (tim_one  09-Feb-01): Lawrence Hudson
1.80         (lemburg  09-Feb-01): Benjamin Collar
1.81         (nascheme 10-Feb-01): David M. Cooke
1.82         (akuchlin 21-Feb-01): Donovan Baarda
1.83         (gvanross 01-Mar-01): Samuele Pedroni
1.84         (tim_one  02-Mar-01): William Tanksley
1.85         (gvanross 02-Mar-01): Peter Schneider-Kamp
1.85         (gvanross 02-Mar-01): Sam Schulenburg
1.85         (gvanross 02-Mar-01): Dietmar Schwertberger
1.87         (gvanross 22-Mar-01): Gordon McMillan
1.88         (gvanross 27-Mar-01): Robin Thomas
1.89         (tim_one  08-Apr-01): Neal Norwitz
1.90         (moshez   09-Apr-01): Itamar Shtull-Trauring
1.91         (gvanross 10-Apr-01): Alastair Burt
1.91         (gvanross 10-Apr-01): Walter D?rwald
1.91         (gvanross 10-Apr-01): Christopher Lee
1.92         (gvanross 11-Apr-01): Billy G. Allie
1.93         (gvanross 14-Apr-01): Pete Shinners
1.94         (gvanross 15-Apr-01): Douglas Orr
1.94         (gvanross 15-Apr-01): Juan M. Bello Rivas
1.95         (tim_one  21-Apr-01): Stephen Hansen
1.96         (tim_one  24-Apr-01): Kevin Rodgers
1.97         (tim_one  09-Jun-01): Armin Rigo
1.98         (tim_one  17-Jun-01): Michael Chermside
1.99         (gvanross 23-Jul-01): Alex Coventry
1.100        (gvanross 31-Jul-01): John Popplewell
1.101        (tim_one  04-Aug-01): David Bolen
1.102        (tim_one  08-Aug-01): Erik van Blokland
1.103        (nascheme 09-Aug-01): Gregory P. Smith
1.104        (gvanross 09-Aug-01): Josh Cogliati
1.105        (tim_one  12-Aug-01): David Goodger
1.106        (akuchlin 13-Aug-01): Tarn Weisner Burton
1.107        (gvanross 17-Aug-01): Henrik Weber
1.109        (gvanross 02-Sep-01): Mike Zarnstorff
1.110        (gvanross 10-Sep-01): Lionel Ulmer
1.111        (gvanross 11-Sep-01): Gerhard H?ring
1.112        (jackjans 11-Sep-01): Donovan Preston
1.113        (tim_one  30-Sep-01): Tom Epperly
1.114        (gvanross 01-Oct-01): Travers Naran
1.115        (tim_one  01-Oct-01): Steven Scott
1.116        (gvanross 05-Oct-01): Doobee R. Tzeck
1.117        (fdrake   05-Oct-01): Fred L. Drake, Jr.
1.118        (loewis   09-Oct-01): Cesar Eduardo Barros
1.119        (gvanross 12-Oct-01): Jason Lowe
1.120        (gvanross 15-Oct-01): Alfonso Baciero
1.121        (gvanross 15-Oct-01): Jason Hildebrand
1.122        (gvanross 15-Oct-01): Richard Townsend
1.123        (gvanross 16-Oct-01): Shane Hathaway
1.124        (gvanross 17-Oct-01): Quinn Dunkan
1.125        (gvanross 17-Oct-01): Joe Norton
1.126        (gvanross 18-Oct-01): Roeland Rengelink
1.127        (gvanross 18-Oct-01): Max Neunh?ffer
1.128        (gvanross 19-Oct-01): Chris Gonnerman
1.129        (gvanross 20-Oct-01): Michael Piotrowski
1.130        (gvanross 23-Oct-01): Jay T. Miller
1.131        (gvanross 25-Oct-01): Dave Brueck
1.132        (gvanross 26-Oct-01): Noah Spurrier
1.133        (gvanross 30-Oct-01): David Cinege
1.134        (tim_one  30-Oct-01): Luigi Ballabio
1.135        (tim_one  31-Oct-01): Michael Muller
1.137        (tim_one  31-Oct-01): Rich Salz
1.138        (tim_one  27-Nov-01): Alex Martelli
1.139        (gvanross 03-Dec-01): Greg Chapman
1.140        (gvanross 04-Dec-01): Stefan Schwarzer
1.141        (gvanross 06-Dec-01): David Abrahams
1.142        (tim_one  07-Dec-01): Anthony Roach
1.143        (gvanross 08-Dec-01): Burton Radons
1.144        (gvanross 10-Dec-01): David Jacobs
1.145        (jhylton  13-Dec-01): Danny Yoo
1.146        (tim_one  19-Dec-01): David Costanzo
1.147        (gvanross 19-Dec-01): Dan Parisien
1.148        (gvanross 20-Dec-01): Mark Summerfield
1.149        (gvanross 20-Dec-01): Artur Zaprzala
1.150        (jackjans 27-Dec-01): Jens B. Jorgensen
1.151        (gvanross 28-Dec-01): Eduardo P?rez
1.152        (loewis   01-Jan-02): James A Morrison
1.153        (loewis   01-Jan-02): Brad Clements
1.154        (loewis   01-Jan-02): Gustavo Niemeyer
1.155        (loewis   12-Jan-02): Robert Kern
1.156        (theller  18-Jan-02): Martin Bless
1.157        (loewis   26-Jan-02): Eddy De Greef
1.158        (loewis   26-Jan-02): Bryce "Zooko" Wilcox-O'Hearn
1.159        (gvanross 25-Feb-02): Edward K. Ream
1.160        (tim_one  28-Feb-02): Gerald S. Williams
1.161        (gvanross 28-Feb-02): Derek Harland
1.162        (gvanross 01-Mar-02): Marc Recht
1.163        (gvanross 01-Mar-02): Naofumi Honda
1.164        (loewis   29-Mar-02): Ondrej Palkovsky
1.165        (loewis   08-Apr-02): Kirill Simonov
1.167        (nnorwitz 12-Apr-02): Raymond Hettinger
1.168        (gvanross 15-Apr-02): Ben Darnell
1.168        (gvanross 15-Apr-02): Vincent Fiack
1.168        (gvanross 15-Apr-02): Frank J. Tobin
1.168        (gvanross 15-Apr-02): Jacques A. Vidrine
1.169        (tim_one  19-Apr-02): Hern?n Mart?nez Foffani
1.170        (loewis   20-Apr-02): Michel Van den Bergh
1.171        (gvanross 23-Apr-02): John Williams
1.172        (loewis   08-May-02): Geert Jansen
1.173        (rhetting 16-May-02): Matthew Dixon Cowles
1.174        (gvanross 21-May-02): Christos Georgiou
1.175        (tim_one  23-May-02): John Aycock
1.176        (gvanross 30-May-02): Holger Krekel
1.177        (loewis   06-Jun-02): Peter ?strand
1.178        (gvanross 06-Jun-02): Michael Gilfix
1.179        (gvanross 07-Jun-02): Bernard Yue
1.180        (gvanross 10-Jun-02): Erik Anders?n
1.181        (loewis   11-Jun-02): Octavian Cerna
1.182        (gvanross 14-Jun-02): Oren Tirosh
1.183        (gvanross 18-Jun-02): Tim Northover
1.184        (rhetting 24-Jun-02): Kevin Jacobs
1.185        (jhylton  28-Jun-02): Bob Kline
1.186        (gvanross 12-Jul-02): Fernando P?rez
1.187        (tim_one  15-Jul-02): Jonathan Hogg
1.188        (tim_one  15-Jul-02): Andrew I MacIntyre
1.188        (tim_one  15-Jul-02): Tim MacKenzie
1.189        (nnorwitz 19-Jul-02): Brett Cannon
1.190        (gvanross 01-Aug-02): Nathan Srebro
1.191        (gvanross 02-Aug-02): Kevin O'Connor
1.192        (gvanross 05-Aug-02): Zack Weinberg
1.193        (tim_one  12-Aug-02): Christopher A. Craig
1.194        (gvanross 12-Aug-02): Cesar Douady
1.194        (gvanross 12-Aug-02): Jiba
1.195        (loewis   14-Aug-02): Hisao Suzuki
1.196        (rhetting 18-Aug-02): Steve Purcell
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Michael J. Barber
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Chris Barker
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Bill Bedford
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Erik van Blokland
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Tom Bridgman
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Daniel Brotsky
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Dean Draayer
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Russell Finn
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Nitin Ganatra
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Tony Ingraldi
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Tattoo Mabonzo K.
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Jacob Kaplan-Moss
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Luc Lefebvre
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Tom Loredo
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Pascal Oberndoerfer
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Russel Owen
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): M. Papillon
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Alexandre Parenteau
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Christopher Smith
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Oliver Steele
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Chris Stern
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Corran Webster
1.197        (jackjans 19-Aug-02): Gordon Worley
1.198        (gvanross 20-Aug-02): Inyeol Lee
1.199        (jackjans 28-Aug-02): Bill Fancher
1.200        (jackjans 06-Sep-02): Dinu Gherman
1.201        (gvanross 11-Sep-02): Laura Creighton
1.201        (gvanross 11-Sep-02): Anders Qvist
1.202        (gvanross 11-Sep-02): Brian Quinlan
1.203        (gvanross 11-Sep-02): Mats Wichmann
1.204        (gvanross 18-Sep-02): Martijn Pieters
1.205        (gvanross 23-Sep-02): Attila Babo
1.206        (loewis   30-Sep-02): Tim Rice
1.207        (gvanross 09-Oct-02): Flemming Kj?r Jensen
1.207        (gvanross 09-Oct-02): Martin Ligr
1.207        (gvanross 09-Oct-02): Mark Perrego
1.207        (gvanross 09-Oct-02): Jody Winston
1.208        (loewis   10-Oct-02): Steve Reeves
1.209        (nnorwitz 10-Oct-02): Greg Copeland
1.210        (loewis   13-Oct-02): Martin Franklin
1.211        (nnorwitz 17-Oct-02): Maxim Dzumanenko
1.212        (loewis   26-Oct-02): Daniel Stutzbach
1.213        (loewis   26-Oct-02): Matthew Boedicker
1.214        (loewis   04-Nov-02): Ha Shao
1.215        (mwh      08-Nov-02): Richie Hindle
1.216        (loewis   21-Nov-02): Juan David Ib??ez Palomar
1.217        (loewis   22-Nov-02): J?rgen Hermann
1.218        (tim_one  25-Nov-02): Marius Gedminas
1.219        (loewis   06-Dec-02): Jean-Fran?ois Pi?ronne
1.220        (tim_one  28-Dec-02): Ben Laurie
1.221        (loewis   31-Dec-02): Paul Swartz
1.222        (nnorwitz 05-Jan-03): Lars Gust?bel
1.223        (gvanross 07-Jan-03): Michael Stone
1.224        (loewis   15-Jan-03): Gyro Funch
1.224        (loewis   15-Jan-03): Geoff Furnish
1.225        (gvanross 27-Jan-03): Geoff Talvola
1.226        (gvanross 03-Feb-03): Scott David Daniels
1.227        (nnorwitz 10-Feb-03): Jeffrey Ollie
1.227        (nnorwitz 10-Feb-03): Grant Olson
1.227        (nnorwitz 10-Feb-03): Denis S. Otkidach
1.228        (rhetting 09-Mar-03): Sebastien Keim
1.229        (gvanross 14-Mar-03): Stuart Bishop
1.230        (twouters 17-Mar-03): Hye-Shik Chang
1.231        (montanar 20-Mar-03): Kevin Altis
1.231        (montanar 20-Mar-03): Andrew McNamara
1.231        (montanar 20-Mar-03): Cliff Wells
1.232        (jackjans 25-Mar-03): Frank Vercruesse
1.233        (gvanross 19-Apr-03): Terry Carroll
1.234        (gvanross 25-Apr-03): Jp Calderone
1.235        (jhylton  05-May-03): Mihai Ibanescu
1.236        (jhylton  09-May-03): John Anderson
1.237        (bcannon  12-May-03): John J. Lee
1.238        (rhetting 20-May-03): Paul Moore
1.239        (rhetting 09-Jun-03): Stephen M. Gava
1.239        (rhetting 09-Jun-03): Kurt B. Kaiser
1.240        (rhetting 28-Jun-03): Steven Taschuk
1.241        (rhetting 29-Jun-03): Bob Halley
1.242        (jhylton  17-Jul-03): Vincent Delft
1.243        (jhylton  17-Jul-03): Gavrie Philipson
1.244        (akuchlin 13-Aug-03): Joerg Lehmann
1.245        (rhetting 01-Sep-03): George Yoshida
1.246        (rhetting 01-Sep-03): Andrew Gaul
1.247        (rhetting 02-Sep-03): Alexander Belopolsky
1.248        (gvanross 08-Oct-03): Wojtek Walczak
1.249        (bcannon  12-Oct-03): Michael Stone
1.251        (bcannon  14-Oct-03): Bjorn Pettersen
1.252        (loewis   31-Oct-03): Hector Urtubia
1.253        (gvanross 10-Nov-03): Iustin Pop
1.254        (loewis   10-Nov-03): Yves Dionne
1.257        (rhetting 05-Jan-04): Dmitry Vasiliev
1.258        (loewis   31-Jan-04): Frederik Fix
1.259        (rhetting 08-Feb-04): Mike Pall
1.260        (rhetting 04-Mar-04): Bob Ippolito
1.261        (mondrago 23-Mar-04): Nick Bastin

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