[Python-Dev] Small issues in gettext support

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer at conectiva.com
Tue Apr 27 17:26:43 EDT 2004

> That shouldn't be sys.getdefaultencoding(), but
> locale.getpreferredencoding().


> However, I agree with Barry that the current behaviour should not
> be changed. People may already rely on gettext returning byte
> strings as-is.

Barry also said:

Any sane app is going to use the class-based API an the ugettext()
method anyway, so maybe it does make sense to simply be API compatible
with GNU gettext for the old-style interface.

> >- Change the default codeset used by gettext.py in functions
> >  returning an encoded string to match the system encoding.
> No. Explicit is better that implicit; users desiring that
> feature should write

You belive that returning a string in some unpredictable
encoding used by the translator is explicit? I have to
disagree. We have something named 'gettext' with a different
behavior than the original project, in a way that breaks
the concepts used to decide the behavior of the classical

> I advocate never to use gettext.install, in which case you
> have a custom _ implementation *anyway*, which would then

"You shouldn't be using it" is not a point I'm taking into

> >- Introduce bind_textdomain_codeset() in locale.
> >- Introduce bind_textdomain_codeset() in gettext.py implementing
> >  an equivalent functionality.
> That is ok. You could also try to provide that feature
> consistently, e.g. inside .install.


Gustavo Niemeyer

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