[Python-Dev] PEP 289 - Generator Expressions - Let's Move Forward

Michael Walter cm at leetspeak.org
Fri Apr 30 14:29:49 EDT 2004

Andrew Koenig wrote:
>>>This looks (a) cool and (b) a complete hack that nobody should be
>>allowed to
>>>do without messing with sys._getframe().
>>It reminds me a little bit of the dynamic binding in Emacs lisp.  As
>>incredibly useful as that is sometimes, it's a disgusting hack. :)
> And, if I understand correctly, something from which the Lisp community is
> moving away--preferring, instead, the notion of "lexical scoping" such as in
> Scheme.
Well, global variables in Common Lisp are still dynamically-scoped, 
which makes perfect sense IMO.

Also, I think there is a SRFI almost every Scheme implements (SRFI ~ 
PEP) which add dynamic bindings.


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