[Python-Dev] Trouble installing 2.4

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Dec 1 19:14:51 CET 2004

"Andrew Koenig" <ark-mlist at att.net> writes:

> Follow-up:  When I install Python as Administrator, all is well.  In that
> case (but not when installing it as me), it asks whether I want to install
> it for all users or for myself only.  I then install pywin32 and it works.
> So it may be that a caveat is in order to people who do not install 2.4 as
> Administrator.

As Martin guessed, a distutils bug, triggered with non-admin Python
installs, and when the add-on package uses the pre-install-script or
post-install-script option.

Please submit a report to SF.



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