[Python-Dev] adding key argument to min and max

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Thu Dec 2 03:04:57 CET 2004

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> This is my first post to Python dev, so I figured I should introduce
> myself.
> My name's Steven Bethard and I'm a computer science Ph.D. student at
> the University of Colorado at Boulder working primarily in the areas
> of natural language processing and machine learning.  During my
> undergrad at the University of Arizona, I worked as a teaching
> assistant teaching Java for 2 1/2 years, though now that I'm at CU
> Boulder I pretty much only work in Python.  I started getting active
> on the Python list about 6 months ago, and I've been watching
> python-dev for the last few months.
> For Python 2.5, I'd like to add a keyword argument 'key' to min and
> max like we have now for list.sort and sorted.
 . . .
> I've implemented a patch that provides this functionality, but there
> are a few concerns about how it works.

Guido says yes.  So, load the patch to SF and assign to me for review,
testing, and documentation.


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