[Python-Dev] Unicode in doctests

Bjorn Tillenius bjoti at home.se
Wed Dec 1 23:19:22 CET 2004

There are some issues regarding the use of unicode in doctests. Consider
the following three tests.

    >>> foo = u'föö'
    >>> foo

    >>> foo

    >>> foo

To me, those are identical. At least string comparison shows that
u'f\xf6\xf6' == u'f\u00f6\u00f6' == u'föö'. Yet, only the first one of
the tests passes, the other two fail. And that's if the tests are within
a doc string, where I can specify the encoding used. If DocFileSuite is
being used, there's no way of specify the encoding, thus all tests will

Is it supposed to be like this, or have I missed something? If I could
specify the encoding for DocFileSuite to use, I would at least be
partially happy.



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