[Python-Dev] An import hook which does nothing

Noam Raphael noamr at myrealbox.com
Fri Dec 3 01:55:28 CET 2004


I'm currently writing an import hook which will cache information on the 
local disk, instead of retrieving it every time from the slow NFS where 
I work.
To make sure that I understand how import hooks work, and as a starting 
point, I wrote a dummy import hook, which is supposed to behave like the 
python's built-in import mechanism.
I post it here, for two reasons:
1. So that developers who understand the import mechanism better than I 
do may review it and find things which I didn't do exactly right.
2. Because I think other people might find it helpful when writing new 
import hooks, as a starting point as well as for better understanding -- 
there's nothing like a working example to help you settle up on what 
does which where. (Although perhaps a few more comments, in addition to 
those which I wrote, might help...)

(Note: I wrote the "DEBUG" parts in order to make sure that my importer 
works, because if it fails things might be done by the built-in importer 
and I won't notice. These parts can be removed, of course.)

Do you think that it might be useful? Maybe something like that can go 
into the "examples" section of the imp module?

Noam Raphael
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