[Python-Dev] Deprecated xmllib module

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 6 00:49:56 CET 2004

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> The library docs for, e.g. xmllib already say deprecated at the top - 
>> maybe
>> it should be larger?
> I think it would be better to *remove* the xmllib documentation.
> Existing code which needs the module will continue to work even
> without documentation, and new code is unlikely to be written for
> a module that has no documentation, and where importing the module
> gives a DeprecationWarning.

I like this solution.  And if anyone cares about having good docs still for a 
deprecated module they can just read the docstrings.  We don't get new people 
using it but others don't have to change their code.

And as for the mention of dropping PEP 4, I agree with the running consensus 
that it isn't needed thanks to the warning module.  Do we need to have a more 
formal vote to drop PEP 4, or should one the PEP maintainers just delete it?


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