[Python-Dev] Deprecated xmllib module

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at iinet.net.au
Mon Dec 6 09:53:42 CET 2004

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> The library docs for, e.g. xmllib already say deprecated at the top - 
>> maybe
>> it should be larger?
> I think it would be better to *remove* the xmllib documentation.
> Existing code which needs the module will continue to work even
> without documentation, and new code is unlikely to be written for
> a module that has no documentation, and where importing the module
> gives a DeprecationWarning.

If we went down this path, I would suggest we include a list of deprecated 
modules in the docs to forestall "where is the documentation for these modules?" 
questions. Such a list would also make life easier for anyone stuck with 
maintaining legacy Python code.


X.X Deprecated modules

   The following modules exist in the standard library solely for backwards 
compatibility with older versions of Python. They are no longer supported, and 
should not be used for new code. Anyone maintaining code using these modules 
should refer to the documentation for the Python version listed in the table below.

   Module Name  | Last documented in:
    lib1        |  Python 2.2
    lib2        |  Python 2.3

etc. . .

I'd also suggest including a link to this list at the bottom of the global 
module index.

>> Alternately, we could lock the folks complaining about the stdlib's state
>> in a room with the folks who complain that every new thing has "wrecked
>> the language that they knew and loved" and let them fight it out.
> That sounds like a fair and democratic way of solving the issue.

If we sold tickets, it could even be a nice little earner for the PSF ;)


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