[Python-Dev] Ptyon 2.3.5 probably coming in January; get your bugs/patches reported!

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 6 07:36:14 CET 2004

Anthony Baxter, our ever-diligent release manager, mentioned this past week 
that Python 2.3.5 will most likely come to fruition some time in January (this 
is not guaranteed date).  This means that in order to have enough time to 
proper evaluate new patches and bugs they must be reported **now**!  A one 
month lead time is necessary to properly look at, test, and commit patches, let 
alone coming up with solutions to any reported bugs.

Please realize, though, that reporting a bug or submitting a patch now does not 
guarantee that it will committed in time!  The free time of the development 
team is limited.  If you want to help a bug or patch along to make it easier to 
be evaluated and thus raise its chances of being dealt with please see the 
"Helping Out" section of the 'Intro to Development' essay at 
http://www.python.org/dev/dev_intro.html .

As always, both bugs and patches should be reported to Python's SourceForge 
tracker at http://sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=5470 and 
http://sourceforge.net/patch/?group_id=5470, respectively.

-Brett Cannon

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